Nuwave PIC Review – Precision Induction Cooktop with Complete Cookware Set

Forget flames, fire and hot pans, the NuWave PIC offers a friendly and safe way to cook food. PIC  stands for Precision Induction Cooktop, which offers a definitive temperature control with over 54 settings. You start with a minimum of 100 degree F and move up to 575 degrees at the Sear setting. Unlike competing models, NuWave provides 10 times more temperature settings and this lets it act more like a cooktop. Besides, it is an excellent warming station for banquets. The makers of NuWave PIC say that it does all the thinking for you. I hope so, considering the fact that it has over 100 hours of memory that keeps track of every recipe you have ever made with it. Complex to easy recipes, all are simple to prepare with this induction heater and if you have the right set of induction friendly cooking utensils then you never again have to worry about using the stovetop.


NuWave PIC Review – The Features

  • Comes with 6 pre-programmed temperature options and can be manually configured to take up 52 other temperatures ranging from 100 to 575 degree F.


  • Completely programmable with 100 hours memory recall.
  • Can slow cook, melt, grill, barbecue, sear, steam, sauté, stir-fry, deep-fry and simmer.
  • Uses 70 percent less energy compared to electric ranges.
  • Zero flames or fire unlike a conventional gas stove.
  • Portable and Lightweight design.
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature cuts off power to the heating element the moment an induction pan is removed.
  • Purchasing directly from the NuWave site gets you a free piece of NuWave PIC, few induction pots and pans too.


NuWave PIC Review – The Pros

  • Comes As A Complete Range – With the NuWave PIC you actually get an entire cooking range. Not only does it come with an additional induction base but also a set of sauce pan, omelet pan, 9 piece fondue kit, 3.5 quart pot and steamer pan.
  • Versatile – This is definitely the most versatile electric cooktop. It features loads of temperature settings and once it reaches a specific temperature, it maintains the temperature constantly.
  • Ergonomic design – The circular shape of the cooking surface distributes heat evenly across the entire surface and increases cooking efficiency unlike competing induction bases with a square or rectangular surface.
  • Zero Flames Or Fire – The NuWave PIC actually does not heat the pot or pan. Through induction transfer of heat energy, atoms in the food get excited and the internal temperature rises. In other words, there is no flame, fire or heat emanating from the base or the pot. Its only the food that is heated.
  • DVD and Cookbook – The instructional DVD and cookbook have precise temperatures mentioned for specific recipes plus exact procedures outlined. You never again have to worry about finding the right settings to convert your famous homemade stovetop recipe to an induction heater cooking.
  • AllIn-One Application – The NuWave PIC can sear, steam, roast, grill, cook, sauté, warm and boil on a single base. It all depends on the temperature setting, cooking time and the kind of accessory used.
  • Excellent Frying And Searing – Searing or frying is probably the biggest strong point of this induction base.



NuWave PIC Review – The Cons

As with any device there are a few inherent flaws in the design. Here are the areas where the NuWave PIC falls short of expectations.

  • Limited Heating Area – Because induction heating works by transferring heat energy at an atomic level, it does not require huge heating coils but the transfer surface for the NuWave is concentrated at the centre of the base where the NuWave insignia is inscribed.
  • Not So Good With Boiling – Boiling water or even heating oil to the required temperature takes time. However, once the oil or water has reached the required temperature it holds this for as long as you want.
  • Can Get A Lemon – A few customers had to return their NuWave PICs because they did not work straight out of the box. NuWave accepts returns for an astounding 90 day period and will take their products back if you are not satisfied with them refunding you your money while letting you hold on to the induction pots and pans free of cost.

nuwave pic offer

NuWave PIC Review – Verdict

Okay so the Nuwave PIC isn’t exactly a world class performer. Well considering it’s less than $100 price tag, the extra heating base and the many accessories it comes with, this is definitely a better proposition than many competing brands. When you do purchase this PIC set, don’t keep high expectations. It does some things better than others and is average at the rest but on the whole, the NuWave PIC is definitely a dependable and versatile cooktop with lots of free accessories and a few paid ones too.

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